Home Care Advice Finishing Your Weekend DIY Project Here are some answers to that all important question. Here in Sandy and the surround Mt Hood area we are often people who choose DIY projects. It can be overwhelming. Heather Bien advises “Break big projects into small tasks and celebrate every win.” Be sure to check all her weekend DIY project advice. by HEATHER […]
Buyer Advice Is Co-Buying Right For You? Be sure to check out this article. This could be the option that you have been looking for so that you can purchase a home. Is Co-Buying Right For You? By Sandy Dodge, Windermere Real Estate For some buyers, purchasing a home independently may be out of reach. Co-buying is an alternative approach to homeownership […]
Home Care Advice Best Indoor Plants for Every Room Be sure to check out the link below for some great information on the Best Indoor Plants for Every Room. We in the Sandy/Mt Hood communities have a unique beauty and climate for growing a wide variety of plants and trees to enjoy year around. When you want to bring that beauty inside there are […]
Buyer Advice Should You Rent or Buy When Moving Away? Sandy Dodge has done it again. Provided great and relevant content for your information gathering when making decisions about your future. See what she has to say. Should you rent or buy when moving away. There are certain advantages to moving down the street or across town. You’ll likely have a basic understanding of the local […]
Home Care Advice Guide to Downsizing & Mindful Spaces Check out this guide to mindful downsizing and how to get the most functionality of your home. Multi-use furniture and appliances help to utilize the space better. Downsizing & Mindful Spaces
Buyer Advice National Homeownership Month – First-Time Buyers by Sandy Dodge In recognition of National Homeownership Month, we’re shining a spotlight on the home buying process. Each home buying journey is unique, as are the challenges that people face en route to becoming a homeowner. These three stories of first-time homebuyers showcase the importance of working closely with an agent to navigate the buying process and […]
Living in Beautiful Mt Hood Territory Edible Garden Growing your own fruits and vegetables is not only resourceful, but also a great summer project. Zucchinis and tomatoes happen to be some of the easier plants for those making their first attempts at gardening. Check out what you can add to your edible garden in this article: Edible Garden
Buyer Advice 5 Mistakes to Avoid After Pre-Approval 5 Mistakes to Avoid After Pre-Approval posted in “Buying” by Sandy Dodge, Windermere Real Estate June 7, 2021 Getting pre-approved is a great first step for buyers, but there  can be a number of . Here are a few cautionary steps that can be taken to make the experience as smooth and worry-free as possible.   Pre-Approval […]
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Seller Advice 12 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home The right professional help, asking price and coat of paint can make selling your house easier. Learn More    
Seller Advice Selling a Home with Pets Selling a Home with Pets posted in “Selling” by Sandy Dodge, Windermere Real Estate June 2, 2021 For pet owners, it’s hard to imagine their home without a furry friend. However, when it comes time to sell, showcasing the qualities of a home should take precedence over the pets that live in it. This creates additional steps […]
Uncategorized Oregon Wine Country Awaits Oregon Wine Country awaits! For a safe, outdoor activity, Oregon is excited to welcome guests. Host Brian Bushlach travels to the Dundee Hills to visit Stoller Family Estate. From the Willamette Valley to Southern Oregon, the Columbia Gorge to the Rocks District, and across the state, May is Oregon Wine Month. In this episode, Brian […]
Uncategorized Remember & Honor I am trusting you had a peaceful Memorial Day Weekend. We are proud of those who have served our country.  
Market Trends Monday with Matthew Gardner In an op-ed for Inman News earlier this month, our Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner, gave his take on the ongoing speculation that a U.S. housing bubble is imminent. He dives deeper into the data in this week’s episode of “Monday with Matthew.” Watch it here: Learn more  
What's Happening in our Community Share the Warmth Coat & Blanket Drive Windermere Sandy Real Estate is collecting jackets & blankets for Sandy’s Helping Hands NOW to December 31! Please help those in need & come drop off any blankets or jackets for adults and children!